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This page provides media and text examples from the Digital Color Theory pinnacle course that I developed with a co-SME. All work is now property of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh-Online Division.

M2T2 Depth Compositions - Project Description

This task will explore how hue, value, and saturation can be used to illustrate the illusion of depth when combined with informed design decisions.

Using circles only, create a design that uses overlap and diminishing size to illustrate the illusion of depth. Next, create two color variations of the design using the schemes from one color system created in the previous task. Utilize the following when creating your designs:

  • Value and saturation contrast when establishing the illusion of depth.

  • Create the illusion of depth through overlap and diminishing size.

  • Think about the relation of positive and negative space by intentionally designing the area between objects.

Please click on a link below to review

Below are three video tutorials I created for each milestone assignment. The videos begin with an overview of relevant vocabulary from the week's learning activities and textbook readings. Followed by software demos to meet the expectations and techniques to use to exceed expectations. Thus providing guidance for both beginning and experienced students. Camtasia, Adobe Captivate and Screencast-o-matic were used for the videos.

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