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Victoria Esler, FND 111, W6A1

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Teaching Philosophy


My mission in as an instructor is to encourage students to live an aesthetic life. A life that is impassioned by the skills and inspiration attained through a solid foundation in fine art practices.  I believe a student will gain confidence through an exposure to information and inspiration.  Therefore, I facilitate an environment that encourages students to combine their passions with their creative goals by teaching them to relate the visual and verbal vocabulary of the fundamentals of art and design to the creative paths they have chosen.  By providing the tools to contextualize art foundation concepts, students connect with the dialogue of a larger art community that will become their peers and their lineage.


I am involved in faculty and personal development, each of which adds richness to the classroom environment.  I find that my involvement in such activities enhances my classroom performance and broadens my ability to be a resource for students.  This exposes students to a variety of artistic methods and encourages them to think beyond the classroom to solve problems.  Showing students how to approach a creative project from many viewpoints will prepare them to tackle the unexpected with confidence. 


I encourage students to handle the artistic challenges with rigor, dedication, passion and self-discipline.   Their dedication to education, in combination with my expertise, will prepare them for success as students and artists.

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