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2016 PPAR Evaluation Feedback

Tonya’s teaching portfolio contains all of the necessary components. It provides a current CV, a selfreflection on how she continues to improve and refine teaching methods, and a summary of institute service and faculty development activities. It also includes a statement of teaching philosophy, student comments, classroom tutorials and samples of student work. Of note, Tonya has a strong exhibition record as a practicing artist in her professional field. Student comments from IDEA surveys this year were overwhelming positive, describing her classroom as well-organized with a lot of helpful supporting resources, and describing Tonya as helpful and readily available. They appreciate her prompt replies to questions, as well as her prompt feedback and grading so that they could maximize time spent revising. Tonya makes good use of announcements to communicate with students in the classroom. She connects with students at the beginning of class through biography discussion, working to establish expectations, and encouraging students to connect with one another. Tonya answers questions in a timely manner, and maintains a helpful, positive, and informative tone in all communications. She has a clear, direct, and helpful tone to which student respond positively. Her presence in the weekly discussions is strong, additionally providing feedback to students who post their assignments late during the week. Tonya provides supplemental materials for each assignment, including video tutorials, written tips and visual examples. Tonya provides thorough feedback on all assignment submissions utilizing a multi-faceted approach of text, image markups, supplemental visual examples, and video critiques that include individualized instruction. Her feedback is varied and interesting, which keeps students engaged. Tonya provides both her Skype and email address for Office Hours, making herself readily available to work with students one-onone as needed. Tonya additionally encourages students to submit corrected revisions each week based on her feedback. She concludes each week by providing grading rubrics and summary comments for each assignment, as well as documenting outreach efforts in the Gradebook. Tonya accurately assesses students based on the learning objectives and course competencies. Tonya has supported the department and the institution on a variety of different levels this year. She has served as the co-SME for the creation and implementation of a series of assignment instructional videos for FNDA150 Color Theory. She is also currently serving as the co-SME for the Pinnacle conversion of the same course, adjusting the curriculum to the new course format. Tonya also developed and created a faculty survey, as well as six informational videos to be used for the Institutional Effectiveness data collection and report, working to make the data more meaningful. She continues to assist our OPD, Jeff Davis, with annual IE assessment data collection, mapping, and evaluation. She also continues to share the role of providing ongoing subject matter support for FND111/115/A150 assisting with content alerts and general support for the course, including providing supplemental resources.

-Sarah Haley, Assistant Online Program Director

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