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Student Comments




Tonya was probably one of the best instructors that I’ve had. She was always quick to give critiques and graded very fairly. My questions were always answered in a timely manner and gave me plenty of time to revise my work to make me a better designer.


Ms Tonya Lee was an awesome teacher. I really appreciated and enjoyed her class


I really appreciated the level of interest Tonya took in the education of the students. She not only provided written feedback, but also provided video feedback.


Mrs Lee did an amazing job I really enjoyed her class!


Excellent course, well organized and I appreciate all of the links provided for self−directed instruction via tutorials available.


Awesome professor! She was always willing to help us when we had a problem, she would even make videos for us I understand everything better! I like that she grades everything right away and was very understanding!




I have always found Prof. Lee’s critiques insightful and helpful in developing my

design skills. Her class was both challenging and interesting. 


This class has given me an excellent foundation for my field. Professor Lee has given us a taste of real life by submitting an original composition with feed back and the opportunity to make changes and resubmit. This had been a great learning experience.


I truly had an exceptional instructor. I think the work that I submitted in the first assignment and the last show a massive amount of improvement due to the specific comments and direction of the instructor. At times this was a difficult class, but definitely always rewarding. 


This was one of the best courses I have take because of the technicalities of it. The Instructor provided assignments that really helped me improve and the video feedback was incredible.


Awesome learning experience great job.


Tonya Lee is an excellent instructor and is great in explaining the material and going over related online lectures in her pre-assignment tutorials.  And then after everyone has turned in their work she takes the time to make a video feedback tutorial for everyone, to help us improve on our work. Going above and beyond to help us in undertanding color theory.


Tonya definitely took the time to address each student's workand show them how they could improve it. She pushes her students to go at least a little further with their creativity to come out with the best work they can. Not bad for learning color theory online.



I really enjoyed this class.


I had heard horror stories about this class but Professor Lee must make it easier because I didn’t have much trouble at all! Great Professor!


The instructor did a really great job of providing additional resources for students to use throughout this course.


Tonya did a great job! I really enjoyed her as my instructor. She had video tutorials that helped a lot explaining things through voice and showing is a lot nicer than just reading what our instructors wrote down. I wish she could teach all of my courses! Thank you Tonya!


I absolutely love how Tonya Lee goes above and beyond to make sure everyone has an understanding of the material presented. I also love that she has created a supplemental class website that is intended to further assist in gaining inspiration for projects. Is definitely apparent that Tonya has a passion for the sibject [sic] matter of what she teaches as well as conveying her knowledge to others. It has been an absolute pleasure to be in her class.



Instructor Lee was a great instructor and I really enjoyed taking this class with her. I liked the form of feed back that she gave with videos and I liked the tutorial video given during the class. I also liked the web page that was specific to the course and gave good information on projects and course subject. Excellent class!


I really enjoyed this course. Even though I found it very difficult at times, still had a lot of fun doing to assignments,and I feel as though I have learned quite a bit. Ms. Lee was an excellent teacher, and I would certainly not mind having her again.


Tonya was an excellent instructor. She did videos for all feedback, which is incredible helpful. She was very timely when getting back to us with feedback, so if corrections were needed we could still get them in on time. She was very helpful and always available if we had questions.


Ms Tonya is a great instructor and she goes over and beyond what is required from her to help the class.  She deserves a Teacher of the Year Award or a raise would be sufficient. :−) I feel she has taught me so much and I am very confident I have chosen the correct field of study.  


Tonya has made college fun.  I am sure its hard for any instructor to make college fun for the online students but Ms. Tonya knows what she is doing and I learned a great deal from her.  I will truly miss her.


Instructor Lee is a very helpful and understanding person. I knew that she was going to be a great teacher from the day that she sent out a home call to all of her students, taking that one little extra step to get to know your students in the beginning helps build the bridge for the rest of the class.  I just want to say thank you again for teaching me all that I know now :)


Tonya Lee is an exceptional instructor. She was able to provide feedback on all of our assignments in a timely matter and was even able to work around my schedule to submit my final project at a later date due to personal reasons. I could not have asked for anything better and I am more than pleased with this course.


This has been a wonderful course. I looked to see if there is an extended course for this subject matter and was disappointed to find that there is not a Color Theory 2. I appreciated that Tonya contacted each student personally in the beginning of the course. That certainly showed her dedication to not only her artwork and ability, but her dedication to want to see us succeed.


I had fun with this class, it seemed to have just flown by. It felt like I had just started it and then all of a sudden we were done. I hope to be in more “art” classes like this and Fundamental of Design.


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IDEA Averages



Progreass on Relevant Objectives adjusted average: 3.9 

Excellent Teacher adjusted average: 4.4

Excellent Course adjusted average: 4.9

Total students surveyed: 28



Progreass on Relevant Objectives adjusted average: 4.3 

Excellent Teacher adjusted average: 4.5

Excellent Course adjusted average: 4.1

Total students surveyed: 21



Progress on Relevant Objectives adjusted average: 4.5

Excellent Teacher adjusted average: 4.4

Excellent Course adjusted average: 3.85

Total students surveyed: 7



Progress on Relevant Objectives adjusted average: 4.1

Excellent Teacher adjusted average: 4.4

Excellent Course adjusted average: 4

Total students surveyed: 20


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Jan. 30 - Exceeds Expectations

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