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This year has provided me with many opportunities to reflect upon my teaching practice.  As the co-SME, I have enjoyed working closely with my colleague Rachel Gorchov on improving Digital Color Theory for Pinnacle. The results of which I feel will me a much improved classroom for both students and faculty. Additionally, the SME position allowed me to research Instructional Design methods to gain a better understanding of e-Learning from a theoretical approach. Much of this information was discovered through the rich library of Instructional Design and e-Learning videos available through  Additionally, the collaborative role of the SME position has furthered my insight into the varied interpretations of our course content that was discussed in last year’s reflection.


This year also provided me the opportunity to better understand the other courses in the AFS department. By developing the videos for our Institutional Effectiveness survey, I became more aware of how vocabulary was discussed in other AFS courses. This insight provided insight into areas that could be improved during the Pinnacle revision. For example, color harmony, color scheme and color palette were incorrectly being used interchangeably in Digital Color Theory and Design Fundamentals. Thus leading to confused interpretation of very important language.  Additionally, the video project had a major impact on the quality of feedback we were able to collect from departmental faculty. The success of these efforts has allowed us to explore new assessing measures for future yearly reports. A venture I am excited to take part in.




This year has provided me with many opportunities to reflect upon my teaching practice.  As the Color Theory Subject Matter Expert, I have had the opportunity to understand the classroom content on a much more disciplined level.  In understanding the underlying architecture of the classroom lectures and assignments, I have a better understanding of how to present the"bigger picture" to my students.  The results of this greater understanding, I have a better grasp on how to provide students with feedback that is revision based all the while prepping for future assignments.  I am also more lenient with my policies and thus allowing students to constantly revise their work throughout the entire course session. As the SME who reviews and provides guidance on Content Alerts, I have become more aware of the varied interpretations of the assignments and lectures.  Seeing the varied interpretations of lectures and instruction has helped me see the classroom through someone else's perspective.  I consider this to be one of the more valuable take-aways from the last year as the SME.


This year has also afforded me opportunities to work closely with my colleagues in Art Foundations.  This has been an invaluable opportunity to interact with my department.  I feel the revised course and improvements that have been made after the revision, were a combined effort of many different faculty especially Rachael Gorchov and Jeanne Friscia.  


I had a couple hiccups this year as well.  A couple of my SuccessFactors reviews yielded results that I do not consider to be a reflection of my practice. For example, initial posts were missing.  Initially stunned by their absence, I eventually identified the eCollege issue that was causing issue.  Additionally, I did not meet expectations in regards to posting feedback in a timely manner.  I do not know what this references specifically.  However, I am confident in stating that such oversight is never intentional.

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