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Place me on Sunium’s marbled steep,

Where nothing, save the waves and I,

May hear our mutual murmurs sweep.

-Lord Byron



Athinos is a collection of on-site responsive drawings in observation of the deterioration and reorganization of Ancient Greek ruins. The drawing process is used as a method of creating a stronger memory of the aesthetic experience. A departure from previous series, Athinos aims to use repetitive methodic processes to create an in-context focus. Thus building a stronger memory that can be used in future work.


Because of travel restrictions on fluid artist media, Athinos was created using a very limited selection of available dry media. Make-up remover cloths were used to expand the function of the dry media; resulting in a ghost-like painterly quality reminiscent of the sounds heard but not present at the ancient sites. The hazy fields of densely layered pigment reflect the atmospheric colors at the time of the drawing event. Providing more insight in to the environment/object relation that is categorized in the consciousness of the sublime.

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